100% reimbursed products in Auchan

Auchan starts the year 2019 with a shipment of 100 products fully reimbursed. The offer covers non-food items worth more than 2000 euros!

The operation is organized on a single day, Wednesday, January 9 (it is the start of sales). The hypermarkets will have a limited stock of each reference and the refunds will be made in the form of four vouchers, to be spent during four different weeks, between 14 January and 10 February.

It will nevertheless be necessary to get up early to hope to take away the best offers. Each hyper will only have one to three copies of the most expensive items … In other words, the quarrels between customers will be inevitable, and widely relayed on social networks.

In short, at a time when the States General of Food have put a stop to the excessive promos on food, Auchan seeks in its own way to republish, non-food side.

Source: lineaires