1 in 4 retailers want to switch IT suppliers but downtime fears prevent them from making the move

1 in 4 retailers want to switch IT suppliers but downtime fears prevent them from making the move

As many as 1 in 4 retailers are unhappy with the level of service being provided by their IT supplier, but fears over transitioning to a new provider prevent them from moving – something which could put future business performance at risk, according to experts Barron McCann.

Transitioning Outsourced Managed Service Contracts can be a big worry for many large organisations, especially those that have become complacent with their current IT support supplier. Even when an organisation feels they aren’t receiving adequate levels of service from their current IT supplier, they can find it difficult to justify transitioning to another, due to fears that serious errors or major downtime may be encountered.

Recent analysis by the business development team at IT support specialists Barron McCann has revealed that as many as 25% of retailers that they spoke to are unhappy with their current levels of IT service but believe there is significant resistance to change within their organisation due to fears that it will do more damage than good.

Harry Mee, Service and Transition Manager at Barron McCann explains:

“What we are finding is that many retailers are adopting the ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’ approach to their current IT service contracts. As their needs evolve, many find that they outgrow their current IT supplier contracts, but the prospect of changing suppliers seems too big to comprehend. This is particularly so for multi-site retailers.”

Mee and the Service and Transition team at Barron McCann are keen to reassure retailers that the process of transitioning IT services needn’t be a stressful experience, providing they select a supplier who has proven experience in this specialist area.

“Knowing that there are areas of the business that could be improved, but not feeling like they can easily change them is a key frustration that many retailers face. Barron McCann’s Transition Management services rely on established processes, templates and techniques. We have many long-term client partnerships as a result of our extensive experience and capability in this area and we are keen to help share our knowledge and insight with retailers who are concerned that their existing IT service provision isn’t meeting their needs,” adds Mee.